Bamboo clothing

Hello Goddess! Look no further as you have just found what you need – the softest, most comfortable Bamboo clothing (sleepwear and underwear) there is, complete with a silky touch.

DO YOU LOVE NATURAL MATERIALS but don’t FEEL ATTRACTIVE? Our bamboo sleepwear and underwear for ladies and girls is not only comfortable and practical, it is also ELEGANT and TIMELESS! Don’t worry, you will still look sexy. The natissy™ ladies’ nightie falls softly outwards, towards the bottom edge; and together with underwear's high-waisted band and inelastic cuts – EMPHASISING THE WAIST OF ALL BODY TYPES.

BAMBOO IS THE RIGHT CHOICE because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and doesn’t need any fertilizers for its growth. It is naturally bio-degradable. Do we even need to say more? You will look amazing in our comfortable Bamboo Clothing and be ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, all at the same time! It is very pleasant to wear as it does not cause itching. Due to antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities, you will no longer suffer from SKIN ALLERGIES AND VAGINAL INFECTIONS.