Bamboo Clothing is the best choice for you and the environment!

Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants because it grows so quickly. It is a 100% organically-grown plant without the use of chemicals, pesticides or mineral fertilizers. Bamboo is naturally bio-degradable (it biodegrades faster than oil-based synthetics) and causes no harm to the environment.

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Why Bamboo? - No more skin and vaginal allergies!

Antibacterial substances are intrinsic to bamboo cellules. For this reason, bamboo clothing is an excellent choice as it reduces the possibility of various gynaecological infections, bacterial and fungal diseases, which represent a major problem of current times. Due to such properties, bamboo is also used for medical purposes.

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Is washing reusable menstrual pads really so annoying?!

Natissy reusable menstrual pads are extremely easy to use! All of our washable menstrual pads and panty liners can be washed at 90° C (194° F). While washing, use drops of vinegar or the essential oil of lavender. You can wash our reusable sanitary pads with normal washing detergent, but do not use fabric softener! After washing, stretch the cloth pad in all four directions and dry it on air or in a drying machine.

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