Why Bamboo? - No more skin and vaginal allergies!

Why Bamboo? - No more skin and vaginal allergies!

Here’s some interesting fact about bamboo fibres, used in Natissy Bamboo Clothing!

Antibacterial substances are intrinsic to bamboo cellules. For this reason, bamboo clothing is an excellent choice as it reduces the possibility of various gynaecological infections, bacterial and fungal diseases, which represent a major problem of current times. Due to such properties, bamboo is also used for medical purposes.

bamboo clothing

Bamboo is made for extreme weather conditions, as it naturally regulates the body temperature: it keeps you cool on hot days, and it keeps you warm from the cold.

The surface of bamboo fibres is porous, hence allowing natural aeration as well as high absorbency at the same time; thus, preventing dry and itchy skin.

It also protects you from UV radiation as it eliminates 98% of harmful UV radiation.

‘Natissy’ Bamboo clothing is suitable for everyone and for everyday use. Do something good for yourself and for nature – choose ‘Natissy’ Bamboo Clothing!

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