Beeswax Bags

Get Rid Of Plastic Food Wraps And Aluminium Foil And Let Your Food Stay Fresh For Longer!

The Best Toxic-Free Reusable Beeswax Bags For Everyone Who Care About The Quality Of The Food They Eat.

Are you struggling with wilted fruits and veggies when wrapped into plastic food wraps or aluminium foil?

Would you like to wrap your bread, cheese, sandwich, veggies or your favourite snack into a breathable food wrap that keeps your food fresh and tasty?

Then These Ones Are For YOU!

  • Certified organic cotton makes them completely toxic-free, so no toxins could be transferred to your food.
  • Waxed with pure natural untreated beeswax that has the same anti-microbial properties as honey, which means that microbial organisms are kept away.
  • Toxic-Free breathable material lets your food breathe naturally, which means it stays fresh longer.
  • Various sizes and patterns give you many options, so you can choose the right size for wrapping your next snack.
  • Multi-purpose usage allows you to wrap your favourite snack or cover a bowl of leftover, so you can completely say goodbye to plastic wraps.
  • Washable material lets you wash your beeswax bags under lukewarm water, which means you always have clean food bags ready to be reused.
  • Easy to clean and easy to care for help you to clean them quickly, so you have more time for other activities.
  • Small and useful packaging allows you to nicely store your beeswax bags in the kitchen so you can easily access them when you need them.
  • Designed in the EU with love.

Did You Know?

These Reusable Beeswax Bags are perfect for everyone who would like to prevent their fruits and veggies to wilt or would like to wrap their bread, cheese and their favourite snack into a breathable wrap that keeps their food fresh and tasty.

They are also perfect for everyone who would like to save money long term and for everyone who wants to produce noticeably less waste and do their bit for the environment.
Use them for wrapping bread, cheese, sandwich or your favourite snack.
You can also use them for wrapping sliced fruits and veggies and so keep them fresher, longer.
Fold them into a little pouch or pocket for some nuts to snack on.
Use them to cover a bowl of salad or to cover the top of a bottle when having a picnic outdoor.
Simply wrap your favourite food, enjoy your snack when you are hungry and clan your beeswax wrap to be ready for your next wrapping. It's that simple!

Do something good for yourself and for nature with natissy™ Beeswax Food Wraps. 

We offer our lovely breathable Beeswax Bags in Set of 4 in WIDE SELECTION of incredible beeswax wrap patterns. Complete with tube packaging, will look incredible in your kitchen!